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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 8, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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left this evening. we want you to join us every night. record "hannity" the series so you don't miss an episode. start your day with "fox and friends." sed an extraordinary level of executive overreach by the obama administration. >> there is a vast amount of discretion that i think a president has and more specifically than an attorney general has but that discretion has to be used in an appropriate way. >> you can exercise discretion how to enforce the law. you can't exercise discretion about whether to enforce the law. >> if unfortunately republicans in the house continue to be on destructionists it would not surprise me if you see the president continue to use his executive authority? here comes barack obama and a couple of executive orders to all of a sudden equalize the pay that women get in america.
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>> the president is going to do what's within his power. >> this president has pushed the limits on executive power beyond their constitutional boundaries. >> the president has the constitutional responsibility to enforce the laws. >> we don't pass suggestions in this body. we pass laws and we expect them to be faithfully executed. >> the president should be turning to the congress and saying, these laws need to be changed and not i have a pen and a cell phone and if you don't do it i will do it myself. house majority whip kevin mccarthy joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> nice to be here. thanks for having me. >> two questions off the top. is president obama abusing his power, thinks authority authority -- his authority and is attorney general eric holder doing the same. >> i feel they are. founders created the constitution that you have three coequal branches of government. listen to what the president even said when he was a senator that it was the most important job in the supreme court to keep in check those powers, making sure that the executive doesn't overreach it. and when you look at what's transpiring today, it's not
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the laws that are passing that are governing this country, it's more the bureaucrats and these agencies. you are 10 times more likely to be tried by an agency than you are by a court. a federal court does about 95,000 proceedings a year. agencies do 939,000. then, look what the president has done by impowering himself with more than 20 times he has rewritten the healthcare law without going before congress. look what he is trying to overreach on each place. laws are written and passed by the house and the senate, unfortunately with the current administration, and unfortunately with harry reid, he has 200 bills he has not passed and the president is just trying to go around. >> all right. let's talk a second about the attorney general of the united states. is he enforcing the laws? let me tell you i do have one particular rub and that's waste and fraud in the government. and you have situations like the report last week the postal service where one woman used her card and took money and charged things to
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the tune of about $45,000, she gets a letter return the money. nobody gets prosecuted. no perp walks. everybody keeps doing it no prosecution. should he be prosecuting those crimes? >> yes, he should. structure dictates behavior. think about it here we have a structure that is illegal and then they don't get prosecuted so that continues to practice that behavior. that is why you have had more than 57 oversight hearings this week alone inside congress. because what is going on. >> here's the problem is that we hear these hearings or we see these hearings and watch these hearings, nothing is being done. there is a question of whether the president is overstepping his authority and how he maybe cherry picks the statute. that's one issue. but the attorney general and prosecution of waste and fraud, which is stealing, i mean, unbelievable stealing from the federal government, never gets prosecuted or rarely gets prosecuted and all we get are hearings. >> you can never be more frustrated than where we are. dealing with this
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administration. look at the way they treat us in the lois lerner. that's why you will see action in ways and means tomorrow just from a criminal referral to the doj. here we have an attorney general that does not enforce the law criminal behavior. i will tell you what, you have a lot of members inside this congress that used to be district of attorneys, they would prosecute in this process. the law is the law and you need to enforce it. >> all right. if there is a criminal referral tomorrow from ways and means to the justice department to attorney general eric holder, do you expect that he will open an investigation, convene a grand jury to see if or if she did not violate the law? >> well, people have to understand what this is. ways and means, because article one section 7 says all taxes start in the house. ways and means has the ability, especially when it comes to the irs to do their own investigation. this is like the intel committee when it comes to the irs. they have information where she will be up on three different counts when you look at it they will vote on
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that tomorrow. that is evidence that i have not seen but the public will be able to see after they vote and that passes. i expect the attorney general -- remember, he takes an oath the exact same as every other federal employee when they come in and elected official to uphold the constitution faithfully uphold the constitution. >> here is the problem. forget lois lerner for a second, but when you have actually government threat and some agencies where people are asked to repay the money when they steal it. when you spend your money at a casino that's stealing. what can you actually do about it to get these people prosecuted? is there anything beyond hearings? >> well, we can go and move through and bring the attorney general back. if the attorney general does not go through, we can hold him in contempt in this process. one thing you have to understand, this is the most precious of money, this is taxpayers' money, why would this not be prosecuted? this is the power that the president has put in to take from the three different branches is disrupting the
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entire united states. this is why you need the equal co-branches to be able to push this forward. >> one last question. what are you going to do about -- i know you object to the president cherry picking these statutes, for example, on healthcare what he he is going to implement and give a waiver and not enforce at all. is there anything you can do besides hearings? >> yeah. we're going to continue to pass laws. we enforce law that it gives congress standing because you have to faithfully uphold the constitution. you know what? that's sitting in the senate today. if harry reid would give people a vote in the senate on more than 200 bills that have passed the house, we're not going to give up on, this we're going to continue to fight for what the constitution says. at the end of the day, the voters are going to empower individuals that will uphold. this i believe it will be a fundamental difference. this is not something we will quit on. >> thank you for joining us, we are going to talk about senator harry reid in a few minutes. thank you, congressman. >> thank you for having me. >> taking heat for calling for equal pay after
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enterprise study found that female staffers in the obama white house were paid less than 88 cents for every dollar paid to male staffers last year. a friendly twitter battle. jennifer tweeting love these guys but six of seven news organizations in front row sent men to ask press secretary about gender pay iniquity. and shot 2 coming from our own chief white house correspondent ed henry. tweeting back white house sent man to podium, right? joining us our political panel, "the weekly standard" steve hayes, the national journal's ron foreign yea and jason reilly. steve u your thought about this new twitter war and tongue in cheek, numbs, it's an important issue. >> yeah, well i they thought ed henry's response was right on. this wasn't the first time they faced questioning about this and backlash. jay carney faced a series of questions from jonathan karl of abc news.
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pushing him why the white house is complaining about what they are calling this major wage gap when the white house appears to have one of its owns a you suggested. jay carney couldn't answer the question and at one point seemed to resorted a homonym attack look, jonathan, i don't hear these questions coming from women. it was really sort of a cheap shot. and i think it was not good form for the white house press secretary. >> ron, the white house defense at least yesterday was the reason women only get 88 cents on the dollar at the white house is because the men have the more responsibility jobs, the higher paying jobs to which i responded having giving the women the good jobs? what i don't the women get the good jobs. >> same excuses and hemming and hauling that the democrat excuses say when you have got to get your act together. the exact of the matter is there is a problem. they were throwing rocks from a glass house and jay
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got scraps all over him today. >> jason, what do you think the white house wouldn't pick this fight in light of the fact they have got to know they pay 88 cents on the dollar and have got to know that the men have the better than anyone else at the white house. >> this claim has been discredited in study after study for decade. >> which claim? the wage gap claim. >> continue years of service. years of service. you. >> you don't think there is jeopardy gap in wages? >> when you control for those things it isn't true. >> if it gives men all the good jobs, at the white house and i'm obviously exsal gear rating and you give the women the pad jobs, there is going to be a gap, right? >> if it was cheaper to hire women, why don't companies fire the men, hire women and save money on labor costs? >> he they would take care of each other. all right, steve, are you going to help me out on this. >> i am with justin these
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studies have been debunked time and time again. many so many them' large wage gap. whuf control for the kind of variables that's what the study shows. >> iran? >> the tutses do show they may not. woman making 9% more than the minute. >> control of environment they are fog have the higher wages, right? >> look at the number of c.e.o.s we have male vs. female. do you fix it with some political theater executive order that only effects a few contractors or do you actually do something about it? do you lead by example or do you have -- do you have the same problem that you are accusing corporations of having? the problem is with the hypocrisy of the white house today. not necessarily the problem. >> tongue in cheek i have susan ferrechio and -- somebody else tomorrow
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night. not you three men. >> good point. >> senate majority leader says the constant pounding of the koch brothers is bizarre. here is the latest ad. >> we have been battered by hurricanes, lost everything to floods, for thousands of louisianans flood insurance and hurricane relief were our only protection. but the out-of-state koch brothers funded the fight to let premiums soar to help hurricane relief. now there is buy a senate seat for bill cassidy so he can fight for them. if the kochs and cassidy win louisiana loses the "the washington post" fact checker giving that ad four pin noik kno-ho-coios that was done by the former majority pac larry reid. he is a tad bit obsessed with the koch brothers. >> senate republicans are addicted to koch. >> the koch brothers are influencing the brothers for their own benefit. >> they're willing to do
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anything. even exploit americans suffering from cancer. >> these brothers are about as unamerican as anyone that i can imagine. >> okay. jason, this has really gotten really weird. it does seem that he is a tad bit obsessed with the koch brothers. there are a lot more things leading the senate than just this. >> not just harry reid. the democrats have a strategy using koch brothers to raise money. half of newark doesn't know who they're. >> the other half don't know who george soros in. >> when get more money back when they mention the koch brothers than when they don't. this is fundraising. koch brothers represent for democrats all that's wrong with america, white, men, healthy. some of the money comes from fossil fuels. it doesn't matter that they fund the heart and build hospital wings what happens is they spend some of their money on conservative political causes and enemy number one for democrats. >> steve, i would be a little embarrassed if i were
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senator herr reid -- harry reid on the floor doing that. >> anonymous sources told him that romney didn't pay taxes but he wouldn't name the sources. he takes to the floor and he really let's it fly. >> yeah. i mean i think we are way past the moment where harry reid was terribly concerned with his credibility. but i wonder if harry reid is maybe crazy like a fox in this scenario. i think jason is right on the short-term play. i wonder if there is not a lingerer term play here. if you think about democrats what they want is a way to explain what is likely to happen in 2014. raise money. democrats one running for the senate. short-term run up to 2014. democrats are looking at what is likely to be ugly 2014. if harry reid spends all his time talking about the koch brothers now he can suggest that the elections were bought in november. going forward from 2014 and heading into 2016 it would give a democrat nominee something else to talk about. hillary clinton, perhaps. other than her time in the
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obama ha administration, i think that this is actually potentially a very forward-looking strategy and while i think it's disgraceful and slanderous in many respects, there may be something behind it. >> and, ron crazy like a fox. here we are talking about it giving them even more promotion to this. the thing that's so distressing is that you would think that, you know, on the senate floor, where you are protected from libel, you can just say anything you want. what courage to say things on the senate floor where you can let it fly. >> his pac has its own wealthy billionaires donating to it second of all, the ad is outright false. representative cassidy actually fought against the koch brothers here. that's not pointed out. the ad is a lie. third, this is the third time in a row that's harry reid's pac has had a ad labeled patently false by the "the washington post." is he making facts up. is he lying.
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eventually that's going to come around and get you. even in this media environment we he have now i have got to believe that stephan is wrong and the democrats will pay a high price for lying in these senate ads. they are lying. >> we only have 30 seconds, jason. do you think his legacy would be something other than what he has created for himself? >> maybe. he think hes is helping. some of these red state democrats these ads they mention koch brothers so often. you think it was. >> is he hurting or helping his party. >> i thinks he is helping his party. >> i guess i would like to think the senate majority leader had more noble cause than that civilly me. anyway, panel, thank you. >> thank you. straight h. he'd sean hannity is here to talk about the antiques of that bratty new jersey teen who -- hear what sean hannity has to say about that next. congressional candidate vowing to wage war on the tea party. fox news, tea party here is tell you what he thinks, plus politicians gone wild.
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tempers flaring and fists flying. where was this and what are they fighting about? that's coming up.
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not bad. can i get your autograph mr. barkley? sure kid. man my fans they love me. that's the price you pay for being world famous. he meant sign the receipt, fool. greg anthony. haha. hey man, could you sign my hat? he wants my autograph. earn unlimited double miles with no blackout dates from the capital one venture card. what's in your wallet? if you nowted had you seen the end of that new jersey brat the one who sued her parents, you were wrong. rachel can something back, she may have dropped her lawsuit and returned home but it looks like she learned nothing from her day in court. now canning posting photos on facebook. they show her drinking at a wild party and hanging out with her boyfriend. that's the same boyfriend that got her into trouble with her parents in the first place. my colleague, sean hannity. >> you are in here. you like hide in a bunker like mark lavine. >> i'm happy to be here like
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a huge studio. it's really your study yes. >> i like it because i throw the football and have a great time. >> you are spoiled rotten to have this beautiful set. speaking of spoiled rotten, rachel canning? >> aren't these kids, you think about, this you are right brad best word to describe. i want mom and dad to pay for everything. we are creating a generation of brats. we did this whole report last week on spring break the funniest things are are parents are writing us and saying we are shocked. you watch tv in the mayor of the town in panama city beach say they are shocked. you can't be shocked. just open your eyes and you see what's going on. here is this deal to me. the parents pay for those trips to cancun and florida. and there was that problem out in santa barbara last week or this weekend. and they have to know they are enabling them. >> ask the parents if they are watching sitcoms at
11:21 pm
night know what their kids are watching. i go back and forth. sometimes i'm very critical of the young people for not behaving. it week i'm more critical of the adults because they learned their bad behavior from us. look at the member of congress who got caught kissing his staff and nobody resigns or anybody else? it's like, you know, they are learning their bad habits from us. >> he ought to resign just for pure stupidity because it was a camera in his office that he knew existed. if you are going to do something like that, at least do it out of sight i don't have oirn camera. that is dumb. >> young people are terrible. they are rude, they yell. we did this story last night where this wrestling coach, this teacher, wrestles a kid down and apparently throws the first punch in a classroom. you know, it people aren't going to discipline these children, and if they are going to take a hint from our adult behavior, what do you expect? >> look at it this way. for example, every college kid that i speak to they said what we see on that video on spring break that's every thursday, friday,
11:22 pm
saturday, and sunday night at college. this is the norm now. we are creating a generation of entitled kids. they have been taught that the government is going to be their answer, provide their healthcare. they get to go to college, graduate go, back to mommy and daddy's house. live in the basement and free healthcare from the government and don't worry, food stamps will be available. probably day care will be available at some point. that's going to be the next coming debate. we have gotten away from the work ethic that we grew up under. i sound like my parents now but it's true. when i think of my grand parents that came here at the turn of the last century with $25 in their pocket on average there was no safety net there was no social security there was no medicare. they had to, by the sweat of their brow. >> who is doing this? who is enabling them? who are they looking after. >> the parents pay for the colleges they know what goes on on the weekend. johnny and susie are joining
11:23 pm
these frats. they ought to know what's going on in the frat parties. they ought it know what's happening at the colleges and they ought to intervene and say okay, if you want me to pay, i expect certain behavior from you. >> i actually this week think they are learning the behaviors. >> what do you mean this week next week it will be different. >> guy back and forth who i hold accountable for. this the young people do learn their behavior from us. if we don't hold each other accountable and, you know, they mimic it in a lot of ways. >> you might be right. that's kind of interesting theory because you think back in the 1960's and a lot of these parents grew up smoking pot, going to the grateful dead concerts and doing all right sd. >> nothing wrong with grateful dead concerts. >> but most people were stoned at that concert. >> let me ask you about uconn. great victory last note beating kentucky but all sudden there is a -- i don't know what you want to call this, this brawl. people are arrested? >> we have yesterday video
11:24 pm
of them flipping over cars, flighting match and. this has become for college event. we were told that the kids knew this was come uconn well. >> problems after they got lost. all too common. people getting hurt and blifers getting hit in the hid with brings. in'the my caught it's got to be that the tell temperature is did he tieriating have frommen. >> we grew up with superman and batman. what do the average kids see on tv. >> and who makes those? the adults. >> i don't make any movies. if i did would be rich. i wouldn't be on at 10:00 at night if i'm that rich. >> this week give you an example. maybe next tuesday have a different thought. >> i like your
11:25 pm
thoughtfulness on it i think we should decide with a kids watch. parents decide what school they go to. spring break, going to make sure if he they hold their kids responsible. at some point the kids have to bear responsibility. >> welcome to new york, greta. to the house. high five. >> judge's ruling proving text something not the way to break up with significant other. it august started with a fiancee dumped his text message by cold it? >> is cold. >> jilted woman sent angry we ply tweeted back well you get 10,000. sued ex. it is not a gift but partying gift. should the guy have gotten the ring back? go it gr lt the democrat going after
11:26 pm
hannity seat. you will hear what the tea party harass to save about this oscar pistorius wailing as he describes the moments he shot his girlfriend in the bathroom.
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of behalf a congressional candidate sinister campaign promise setting out all out twitter war. mike dickinson tweeting if elected i promise war on the tea party, fox news, nra and other trash. now the tweet sparking outrage on twitter and now dickinson's twitter count was suspended and now it has been reinstated we're told. what does tea party have to say. larry joins us. i should say, larry, we had nothing to do with the fact that his twitter account was suspended as far as i'm concerned, bring it on war on fox news. your thought, he has a war on you, apparently? >> you know, thanks for having me back, greta. it's fun i couldn't just said that because my first
11:31 pm
gut reaction to this when i saw these tweets was bring it. if you want a war against the tea party, i'm not sure he knows what he is asking for. down here in central virginia we have a large and strong army of political activists that would probably enjoy the contest. i think we could beat him on political battlefield with one hand tied behind our back. this guy is kind of a nobody down here. nobody has ever heard of him. i don't think sea real threat. to me, it brought up two bigger issues. that was one, why does a congressional candidate feel he can talk this way during a campaign and, two, why the tea party again? we're targeted all the time. why is that? i think those are the issues we should talk about. >> you know, i still can't figure out why the tea party, why you were so demonized. you want smaller government and less spending. and, you know, i mean, you are not throwing bombs at the capitol. you are not -- i mean, you are not out there doing horrible rotten violent things. your ideology is one of
11:32 pm
smaller government. why does that apparently send some people in a full scale panic like they have to declare war on you? >> well, i think i have the answer to that. you are right in your assessment. we are ordinary americans and, you know, basically we do want a manageable size government. we want people to not spend more than they take in. we want taxes reasonable. we want the rights restored. restorative power the tea party. i think what that does is threatens those in power. i'm talking about those political elites. they are in both parties. he catch flack from both sides, nancy pelosi calls us arsonists, harry reid talks about an arckists. he's to crushes tea party everywhere. why is that? it's because we threaten their power because we are doing what thomas jefferson advised when you have government overreach and that is bind them down with the shackles of the
11:33 pm
constitution. and that's why they don't like us. we are a threat to them. >> i'm really curious. in fact, is he going to be on our show mike dickinson on thursday. i'm really curious. what in the world? i were running for congress, the thing i would hope to do is to sell my ideas and try to explain why i could do it better. my ideology. i wouldn't get into the sort of food fight or, you know, i mean it's just bizarre. i mean that this is where it is now come to enter the race and first thing do you is throw a couple fists arranged. i guess they he learned it from harry reid he is goes to the senate floor and is in a food fight. doesn't talk about direction and getting people working. republican party they are getting of a lot it too but it's astounding to me. >> well, be 00 nose. for one thing you were talking with sean hannity about modeling behavior. i think that's why he thinks
11:34 pm
he talk that way. looks up on capitol hill that's the way people behave now aways. the reason they mutt shot clock and can't compete in the arena of ideas. that's where the tea party has the edge. we have got good ideas. let's reduce the debt. let's get rid of the debt. let's not spend more than we take in. let's get rid of obamacare, it doesn't work, it's a disaster. things like blanket amnesty. grant security without advance for borders, et cetera. they are bad idea. they resort to name calling, instead. >> larry, thank you. i hope you watch on thursday. we will keep you up to date with the war down here. >> >> that. okay, let's go off the record for a minute and this is pretty crazy and really gives you an idea of what's wrong with washington. first, you have the cheater. a congressman from louisiana
11:35 pm
vance mcallister, is he a republican he is has a wife and 12 kids. he hurt his family. he was caught kissing a staff. on individualsio and now it's on the internet. it gets worse. a democratic congressman woman planning a bat university. treating not just a -- sexual battery training. bad cheating is wrong. even cheating with staffers to send everyone to school and punish the entire group based on the bad behavior of one congressman and one staff. not everyone needs anti-cheating and shament school. so, instead of coming up with ways to punish those whose behavior is good, how about doing what we really pay you for. and for starters, clean up the mess y'all made, that waste and fraud. that's my off-the-record comment tonight.
11:36 pm
and coming up, breaking news the search for flight 370 and australian search ship releasing audio of the pings just connected. you will hear more about the desperate search. president obama not going to like this one. what bad news is getting from only town. former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush too manying
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this is a fox news alert. as search crews scour the indian ocean for signs of flight 370, the australian government just releasing video and audio of the pings detected over the weekend by the crew of the ocean shield. >> right now searchers desperately trying to relocate those pings before that black box battery runs
11:41 pm
out. if they have not already run out. for the latest grn reporter roger maynard is live. boy, this is getting sadder by the day and more desperate by the day. >> it, greta, once again, this intense search is turning into something of a waiting game. and all the more frustrating for that. after the u.s. navy's detector equipment being towed by the australian vessel ocean shield picked up those signals consistent with a black box flight recorder over the weekend. the search later now says they will wait for further signals to be detected before sending down the submersible to it look for debris. the submersible travels at a very slow speed. once it is in the water it could take quite a time to bring back to the surface again. should another ping be detected. they are hoping to pick up another pulse, which might point them in the general direction of the missing plane before committing to the submersible. it's described here as an
11:42 pm
operational tradeoff. the ocean shield can cover much more ground pinger locater than the autonomous underwater vessel. greta? >> after 32 days, roger, it's easy for people to look at this clinical fashion. the breart is running out. this are 239 people who are mission. and all their families are desperate for, you know, they are in grief and this is -- we are approaching the end. we are just going to give them a big mystery and everybody is going to move on. yeah, it's extraordinary too. as a journalist it's extraordinary that a story has lasted this long and has gained such international attention for so long. the man orchestrating these says they are still confident that they will come up with something. describing the latest pings as the most promising so far. but, it won't be until they are sure the flight recorder's battery has expired. that they will send down that bluefin 21 submersible and have another go at
11:43 pm
finding this wreckage underneath the water. in water of well over 11 or 12,000 feet deep. it's a massive operation but no one is giving up hope at this stage. >> well, you know, at some point, roger they may have to give up. i think that all the nations, the u.s., the u.s. navy, australia and even malaysia, at least we can -- at least they can hold their heads high that they tried for the 239 and their families. we are taking this as, you know, pretty far out and soon that battery will be definitely dead. and, you know, i salute the people that have tried so hard. >> yeah, i mean, don't forget the search continues on a massive scale. they got 15 aircraft out there again today. 14 ships combing an area of something like 75,000 square kilometers up the coast of western australia. as you say, the big question is the black box flight recorder and whether that battery is still emitting signals. no one can be sure what's going on there, of course. >> all right, roger, thank
11:44 pm
you. >> thank you, greta. >> now to south african courtroom. the blade runner breaking down on the witness stand. for the first time oscar pistorius testifying about the moments leading up to fatal shooting. pistorius testifying he was terrified that intruder was in his home so he opened fire. i heard the noise from the side of the toilet. but something coming out of the toilets before i knew i had fired four or five shots at the door. my ears were ringing. i couldn't hear anything. so i shot -- keep on shouting for reva to call the police. >> sobbing the moment he realized he had shot his girlfriend reva steenkamp. >> i unliked the door and flung the door open, i threw open and i set over reva and i cried.
11:45 pm
i don't know, i don't know how long. i don't know how long. [sobbing] i was there for. [sobbing] she wasn't breathing. >> can we take an adjournment? [sobbing] >> pistorius will be back on the witness stand tomorrow. and straight ahead, our chicago democrats turning on president obama? some staunch democratic supporters now turning to the g.o.p. you will hear from one of them next. plus, we have political fights in washington. but nothing like this. a bench clearing brawl in the seat of government. what sparked this fight and where in the world did it happen? stay tuned.
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well known chicago democrats are now turning to the g.o.p. they are backing not the democratic incumbent but the republican bruce reasoner who is in the illinois
11:50 pm
governor's race. manny sanchez is one of -- nice to see you, manny. >> hi, good evening. >> why are you supporting the republican for governor? you have been a long-time democrat supporting president obama. why are you now voting or supporting the democrat democratic incumbent? >> because we are dealing with a very very serious fiscal challenge in the state of illinois. and this is by no means a slap at president obama. this a focus parochially on the challenge we have in this state and for too long it's been ignored. of the fiscal crisis that we have in this state has to be addressed. and i think that most centrists like myself see bruce roner as the person who can bring some reasonableness to addressing that. >> i assume that the illinois governor. the democrat has the same sort of political ideology as president obama when it comes to dealing with things like the economy. am i right or wrong? >> i think you are wrong.
11:51 pm
we are dealing with not ideology here. we are dealing with a fiscal crisis that has continued to provide incredible challenges in our state and the city of chicago in which i set. >> is that greater than the national challenges because we have a national challenge? we have a sluggish recovery at best. a lot of people who want jobs. is the problem different than the national one? >> i believe it is. we have a pension situation that i think ranks among the two lowest in the united states. we have got high unemployment. we have got challenges. is the pension system that you have a problem with illinois. social security system? >> i don't know. i can't speak to the social security system. i can speak to illinois and its need to reform in a significant way. not unlike what the private sector had to address
11:52 pm
several decades ago. and it made the transition. and i think we need somebody from the private sector who is not beholden to any particular public ideology and, instead, is beholden to the citizens of the state of illinois. >> do you like governor walker of wisconsin and how he has handled some of those pension problems and public problems or not? >> i do. and i feel the same way about daniels in indiana. >> so you are a fiscal conservative? i don't mean to put words in your mouth. >> no. you are not putting words in my mouth. you are accurate. >> if president obama could run again would you vote for him again? >> indeed i would. >> all right, many, thank you for joining us, good luck in illinois. >> you are welcome. thank you. bye-bye. >> now, it's time to show you what we are watching. we put together the most absolutely most riveting videos out there tonight. take a look. morning commute turns to chaos. giant rat surprising new
11:53 pm
york city subway riders. [screams] >> a rat hopping on a downtown train in brooklyn and terrifying passengers. hopping up on to their seats, now we are not sure where the rat got off the train. i don't live in the city by the way. anyway. i live in washington. and two -- other problems. two former presidents teaming up for basketball. presidents bill clinton and george w. bush sitting together at last night's ncaa championship game. they laughed when they were shown on the stadium's giant video screen and even got a round of applause from the crowd. former presidents big sports fans. 10-year-old minnesota boy patrick reiman was inspired by army ranger ben kopp. he died five years ago while serving in afghanistan. the soldier's mother told her son's story to a group of cub scouts. that's when 10-year-old
11:54 pm
patrick decided to write about kopp in a report about heros. >> while he was in afghanistan he saved two other army rangers' lives. he gave his life jumping in front of them while they were being shot at by terrorists. in my mind kopp was a nice. he lived a full life. he is a hero in my mind. >> he wants to join the army when he gross up. that's what we are showing you tonight. if you want to see more of the videos we just showed you go to >> caught on camera, she where this chaos broke out. plus, who will pay for the dramatic rescue of a family stranded at sea. you're not going [ male announcer ] when fixed income experts...
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yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves. bill o'reilly is next. first, get ready to speed read your way through the news. there may be lots of fighting in washington but you have never seen congress do. this check out the wild seen in ukraine's parliament.
11:59 pm
tempers flying and fists. the brawl was sparked by heated debate over the recent collapse between kiev and moscow. things to come in 2016? florida senator marco rubio telling politico his close relationship with former florida governor jeble bush will not impact his decision on whether to run for president or not. buzz growing about a possible bush presidential bid. senator rubio saying quote my decision will be based on me. not on anybody elsement and the san diego family dramatically rescued from the sailboat will not have to repay the federal government. it took three federal agencies, a fixed wing aircraft and warship and other rescue crews to save the family. they were stranded off the coast of mexico to save a sick baby. they do charge for search and rescue missions that's tonight's speed read. thank for being here tonight. see you tomorrow evening at 7 p.m. evening. go to gretawire and answer this is sexual harassment training a big waste of time or a good idea.
12:00 am
vote in the poll or watch rat video again in new york city. i don't live in new york city. i just visit here. go watch the o'reilly fa tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." >> let it go, let it go, let it go. >> hoping gree crocodile -- hungry crocodile attacking a lawn mower or lawn mower attacking a crocodile? and how many hot pockets does the vice president predict he will consume this year? >> 100,000 by 2020. then that number will go to 875,000. [applause]. >> who will win the grueling competition to be greg gutfeld's in you assistant and what does workingout have to do with working in an office? none of these stories on "red eye." >>nd


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